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Traditional Events at James Baldwin Elementary


Room Parent Orientation and PTO Meeting – Please join us to discover the value of being an active participant in our school community as you learn more about what it takes to be a Room Parent.

Music in Schools Assemblies (Monthly) –
 Parents and guardians please join us for a special musical event present by the Ladies Musical Club of Seattle, with performances from many types of musical artists.

Curriculum Night (September)  – Parents and guardians please join us us for an informative evening. Meet with classroom teachers and specialists to learn about grade level curriculum and expectations for the school year. 


Literacy Night (October) – Please join us for an evening filled with fun activities where families can support students on their literacy journey.

Fall Harvest Party (October ) – Join us at the Haller Lake Community Club for the Annual Fall Harvest Party! 

Annual 5th Grade Camping Trip (month varies)
 – The annual 5th Grade camping trip is truly a highlight for students during their last year of elementary school. Students will come away from this experience with a new level of understanding about their education, the environment, and the wider world.


Art Night (December ) – Come view the inspiring and thought provoking art that our talented students have created. Stay for crafts, dinner (pot luck) and performances. 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm. 


Math  & Cookie Night – (January) Play math games and have fun and eat cookies.  Please bring a plate of cookies to share.

Scholastic Book Fair – (January)  – Support reading and the library by helping at the book fair and purchasing some books.  


Health and Fitness Night and Market Night (March) – Come and learn about ways to exercise your body to keep it healthy and learn about nutrition and choosing healthy foods. 


Multicultural Night  (April  5:45pm – 7:45pm) – Enjoy ethnic dishes from all over the world, potluck style, and see the different cultural dress and customs.  We are so proud of our multi-cultural students. 


School BBQ (June) – Have a school-wide BBQ.