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Salifou Dao

Dao, Salifou

Custodial Engineer J
Lael Erickson

Erickson, Lael

Teacher/Bilingual BE


I teach K, 1 and 2 in the Primary Bilingual Orientation Center. This is a self contained classroom for students who are new to the United States and speak little or no English. I support them in learning English at an accelerated pace as well as helping them to acculturate to the United States.

I love the diverse students and staff at James Baldwin as well as the willingness of everyone (students included!) to help each other.

I have taught in the Primary BOC for 6 years. Before that I taught kindergarten in Highline School District for 7 years. I started my teaching career as a full time substitute. I subbed in schools all over the Seattle School District for 4 years.

Fitzpatrick, Marissa

School Nurse

Haugen, Monica

Recreation Program Coordinator


I am in my second year of running the Reads and Counts after school intervention program at James Baldwin Elementary.

Mary Heric

Heric, Mary

Instructional Asst - 203/7
William Hershman

Hershman, William



Hi! I teach 4th-grade at James Baldwin Elementary. I've been teaching 4th (and one year, both 4th and 5th grades), since 2013.

There are so many things I love about James Baldwin that I can't possibly write them all here. Here are some of them: We have an amazingly diverse group of students, families, and staff. I also love being part of a classroom and school community which focuses on teamwork to make sure everyone is learning and is being respected.

When I am not teaching (or preparing to teach), I love spending time at home, I love my dog, I enjoy going to the gym and I've even tried playing some volleyball recently.

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Hurley, Shelly

STAR Mentor
Joanne King

King, Joanne

Elementary School Assistant-203/8

Kopiloff, Any



Originally from a small country in south of South America by the Atlantic Ocean, Uruguay. Born and raised from a Brazilian mother and a Uruguayan father. Grew up as an only child in a bilingual family. Attended an only girls’ school from Pre-K to 12th grade. Favorite Book: Little Prince. Favorite Author: Paulo Coelho from Brazil. Favorite things do: travel and get to know people and cultures. Favorite Places in the world: Paris and Montevideo. Favorite Food: French Onion Soup and Uruguayan Empanadas. Dreams: to live in Paris, and to spend a summer in Uruguay doing my favorite activity as a child, enjoying the sun, the ocean and walking on the warm sand. Graduated from college in 2008 with Regular Education and Special Education Degrees.
Favorite Activities at school: Reading and Gardening.

Limon, Sara

Sarah Lounsbury

Lounsbury, Sarah

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7


Currently working as an IA in the primary SEL program at James Baldwin Elementary. I have previous experience working in a Distinct Classroom, in an Access Program, and in Resource. I strongly believe in inclusion and peer models. I also love dogs, bicycling,and haikus.

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Masumoto, Eva

Teacher/Bilingual BE


Job Title: English Language Teacher, gr 3-5

What I love about James Baldwin: The vibrant curiosity of our students, the staff commitment to teaching the whole child, and teaching and learning from students from all over the world make this a wonderful place to be!

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